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1 month ago

The start of restoring a diamond in the rough. Very... rough. And filled with a mouse colony's remnants.

1 month ago

The latest project...

2 months ago

We got to see an old friend today. We restored this 1915 Bond by Packard piano last summer and gave it a new QRS PNOMATION3 player system. It was the piano smothered in many layers of industrial-grade paint, if you go back through last year's posts. Today was our first trip back for tuning, adjustments, and checking the piano out from top to bottom. It looked and sounded fantastic! #piano #pianorestorations #pianotunings #pianos

4 months ago

What can a QRS PNOmation3 system do for your piano? We decided to explore the possibilities.

Many of you know that the owner's son, J. Kent Layton, doubles as a maritime historian and author, and that he has a number of books and videos on different ships available. However, J and his wife, Tess, decided to merge two different universes, creating a mashup of his work as a maritime historian and author with his work on pianos.

The husband and wife duo worked to transcribe 20 different period ... See more

7 months ago

Last night we took some video of the Story & Clark playing with the mechanism revealed. Enjoy!

1 year ago

As requested, here is a video of the newly-restored 1915 Bond playing an 1843 song by the composer Balfe, "I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls" on its new QRS digital player system. Although nearly 180 years old, this song was later covered by Enya in a very popular rendition.

1 year ago

Wegman pianos were made locally in Auburn, NY. They were a tremendously high-quality instrument. But when the factory burned down on May 1, 1914, the company never recovered. This piano came in for restoration yesterday. It is one of the last pianos to come out of the factory before the fire, from about February 1914, and is a genuinely historic piano. Stay tuned for updates! #piano #pianotuner #pianorestorations #pianolovers #pianorestoration #pianos #pianorepair #wegmanpiano ... See more

2 years ago

7/26/21 COVID Update:
We are happy to let you know that our entire staff here at Accutone Piano Service is fully vaccinated against COVID, and that, in addition, we are still taking all precautions when working in our customers' homes, both for our own safety and that of all of our clients. Please give us a call or send us a message or email about your piano project. We're looking to resume traveling to more distant locations for large piano projects in the next month or so.

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