They breathe life into the notes on the printed page… each is a one-of-a-kind piece of history and artistic style, representing the era in which they were built… they were the medium of musical geniuses from Beethoven to Chopin and Debussey, and continue to be a musical instrument of unmatched flexibility… each needs the care of a gifted old-world technician to regain or maintain their original tonal quality, their operation, their commercial value, and their beauty…

With forty-five years in operation, we are one of the nation’s most experienced piano service companies. We handle all your piano’s needs, from simple maintenance tunings and action regulation to complete restoration and refinishing that includes new hand-rubbed finishes in the old-world style to bring your piano’s natural wooden lustre back to life. We also specialize in player piano restoration, turning what many would deem worthless wrecks into concert-quality instruments. We also offer installations of the QRS PNOMation3 Digital Player Piano system – the most advanced player technology on the market. We can even upgrade your old PNOMation or Pianodisc system to an all-digital system which can be operated from your mobile device or a computer! Browse our pages for answers to questions you may have about your piano or our services, then visit our Contact page to ask your specific questions or make an appointment for us to service your piano.



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