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6 months ago

We got to see this old friend today: the 1889 Knabe upright that we restored in 2022! She needed a few tweaks and a couple of tunings to get her all spiffied-up again, but she looks and sounds terrific. An amazing instrument. #pianorestorations #pianotunings #piano #pianos

7 months ago

When our tuner and technician, J. Kent Layton, isn't working on pianos, he's working on researching and writing about the great ocean liners of the early 20th Century, including Titanic and Lusitania. This new video, recorded last month on a 1905 piano that we restored and added a QRS PNOmation3 digital player mechanism to, contains two pieces of Lusitania-related music. The first, 'Lusitania Intermezzo' is a world premiere, a song not heard in over a century. The second, 'Lusitania Waltzes', ... See more

7 months ago

Here is a video of the 1905 Weber we just returned this week playing a song from its era: "Oh, You Beautiful Doll". Forever immortalized in the James Cameron film Titanic, this song can be heard as Titanic sailed into the sunset, and was reportedly played on board. Our resident piano tuner/maritime historian and author and his wife transcribed the original music and converted it to play on QRS digital systems. The husband/wife team's work was recently released on the HFX Studios album "Liners ... See more

7 months ago

The 1905 Weber player playing a piece from its era, "Oh, You Beautiful Doll". The song was forever immortalized in the James Cameron film Titanic as the ship sailed into the sunset. (Music transcribed by us and released on the HFX Studios' digital album "Liners Of The Golden Era: A Musical Tribute"--stream it on any of your favorite digital music services!)

9 months ago

The start of restoring a diamond in the rough. Very... rough. And filled with a mouse colony's remnants.

9 months ago

The latest project...

11 months ago

We got to see an old friend today. We restored this 1915 Bond by Packard piano last summer and gave it a new QRS PNOMATION3 player system. It was the piano smothered in many layers of industrial-grade paint, if you go back through last year's posts. Today was our first trip back for tuning, adjustments, and checking the piano out from top to bottom. It looked and sounded fantastic! #piano #pianorestorations #pianotunings #pianos

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