Refinishing Services

Finishes applied to pianos during their heyday of production looked beautiful when they left the manufacturer’s shop. In most cases, period manufacturers emphasized the beautiful wood grain of the cabinet instead of covering the grain over in a black lacquer, as is common today. However, (except in the rarest cases) the old finishes were a cheap varnish; they were soft, and darkened with age, sunlight exposure, and dust accumulation. Eventually, they became so dark that they now appear nearly black; in the worst cases, they also began to “alligator.” Such a scruffy appearance is not how the pianos originally looked. Retaining the original finish, dingy and deteriorated as they often are today, does not enhance the value of a piano as it often does with antique furniture.

For those desiring a beautiful instrument in addition to one that plays and operates at its prime, Accutone Piano Service also offers complete case refinishing. This process is done in our own refinishing shop, and it includes all of the same services as the interior restoration, plus a beautiful new look for your piano! We will move your piano to our shop, complete the restoration and return it to you looking like a new instrument – perhaps better!

We use an old-world-style, hand-rubbed Tung Oil finish on all or our pianos, which allows you to see the original beauty of the wood. It provides a durable finish that will not darken or alligator with age, as the original finishes did. See our Gallery for photos of some complete restorations in progress, and the finished product.

Below you can see a typical piano in the process of refinishing. Notice the dramatic difference between the unstripped and stripped areas – and this is before any finish is even applied!


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